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Please take the time to contact us if you are interested in our work.

Making an impression with design is something that ekindesign is good at. No matter what the job we can handle it.

Below are some of our client's sites that are active:

  • ekindesigns.com
    Design: With a sleek black base, the simplicity throughout the ekindesigns.com layout provides for an effective profile-type layout. Background areas serve their part as fill-ins, while the highlights of the website allow users to easily navigate and locate completed projects and descriptions thereof.
    Coding: An array of project items is plainly projected onto the main contents of the layout in an organized and accessible manner. Users can easily navigate, while the underlying source maintains usability.
  • browserreports.com
    Design: The Browser Reports layout incorporates a Web 2.0 style alongside very bold, strong, vivid colors to appeal to users. Areas of the layout that should be of interest to users are clearly defined, while laying on top of a sleek backdrop providing a nice blend of contrast.
    Coding: Browser Reports is a live browser-usage count. Practically, it makes brilliant use of AJAX, providing users rich information essentially instantly.
  • rublocked.com
    Design: RUBlocked.com provides users with one basic function: checking the "online" status of AIM users. Accordingly, the layout is minimal, avoiding unnecessary layout add-ons.
    Coding: The coding source includes simply one main function which performs RUBlocked's main task; the source code is clean and simple.
  • mysqlquickadmin.com
    Design: Being that the MQA website calls for a detailed layout, as it needs to cover a vast amount of information, it incorporates a bold header, an organized left-menu, and a centered main-content area, all the while keeping focus on the theme of the site.
    Coding: Both the website itself and the downloadable-software make effective use of browser sessions and organized file-structure to provide a clean and logical code source.
  • ekinboard.com
    Design: Being the full-fledged forum software EKINboard is, the layout conforms to a standard fullscreen-forum layout style while using rich, colorful, bold icons to provide the overall design with allure.
    Coding: The EKINboard software finds its roots in Object-Oriented Programming providing for both speed and organization.
  • erbio.com
    Design: Erbio includes sleekness, glossiness, and simplicity: the top logo is elegant, colorful, and bold, the top menu bar is glossy, sleek, and practical, and the main content area is fitting yet plain and simple.
  • massbots.com
    Design: While maintaining an overall glass-esque look with a bold top banner, the MassBots layout also provides an informative bottom section, and easy navigation.
  • whoreme.com
    Design: The WhoreMe layout uses minimal graphics to provide effective loading speeds while utilizing bold colors and maintaining a strong focus on the centre content area.
    Coding: To compensate for the large amount dynamic content, WhoreMe uses a MySQL database for efficiency and speed as well as minimal source code for quick runtime compilation.
  • church-realty.com
    Coding: To fabricate a user-based user-friendly environment, Church-Realty incorporates effective use of user cookies and sessions as well as a form-based environment, alongside essential data lists.
  • videoleaks.com
    Design: VideoLeaks uses an outline-style layout with a simple top-menu bar to make navigation a breeze. All the while, the layout is light and soft so as to avoid bombarding users with the vast amount of rich content.
    Coding: Only quick and necessary ports are downloaded from to speed up execution. Likewise, a database is used to effectively avoid unneeded repeated downloads.
  • webbez.com
    Design: The Webbez design incorporates both a logical layout scheme for easy user navigation and bold icons for effective advertising.